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Our Programs


This program aims to equitably run people’s candidates because we know young, working-class champions are directly in touch with the issues facing our generation and know-how to run 2020 level campaigns with a 2030 vision. We know youth can win governing power without a ton of money by playing to our generation’s strength: digital organizing.


This program aims to coach participants in conducting a community audit to figure out big pillars of working-class policy as it would pertain to that community, centering those whose needs have been ignored. Every “average person” we reach out to has a unique perspective to bring to the table. We’ll provide decentralized support & a deep organizing toolbelt to organizers not just on how to design, craft, and implement transformative public policy, but to do so by launching deep, long-term organizing strategies to consult community members as partners, activate political power bigger than one election or candidate and ultimately build hype, non-transactional coalitions.


Young people are worth investing in. With so many barriers to entry in our current political process, we will seek to bring youth into the decision making process by funding a diverse cohort of students who understand the impact young people can make. By involving the next generation of political organizers, we can build the bench to bring long-term change to how decisions are made and uplift innovative strategies to elect progressive candidates who understand the need to fight for our futures.

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