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Project Super Bloom will support young people to become the candidates, campaign teams, and policy leads for California’s 2024 state legislature races. Through uplifting leaders who will stand up for our future, we will build a movement to elect candidates who will transform California’s political landscape. 


California’s only PAC founded and led by young people and students, dedicated to electing progressive and visionary candidates to California’s State Legislature.

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We offered 100+ positions to high school and college students across the state, made 10,000+ voter contacts, and hosted 50+ canvassing/phone-banking events

Our 2022 Victories

What We Do

Bench Building for the Next Generation

We are committed to providing paid opportunities, reducing barriers to access (education, socioeconomic status), to young people interested in politics and helping them make tangible progressive change in our state.

Movement Building

Utilizing growing base of support, we will work with partners to develop comprehensive plans to provide robust resources to campaigns. We will bring young people into decision-making spaces and empower our organizers to expand the coalitions supporting visionary candidates.

Innovative Campaign

Young, working class organizers are in touch with the issues facing our generation and know how to run campaigns that unite coalitions to forward-looking policies. We know youth can win governing power by playing to our generation’s strength: digital organizing.

We are making investments in these young organizers and voters to power progressive campaigns around the state with fresh voices and new perspectives, building a strong foundation of youth power to carry over into future election cycles, but we need your support.

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