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Our Values

Our values define the way that we interact with community
members and the candidates we support.​


We bridge communities by engaging in shared culture, not

shared politics - redefining “political involvement” to mean involvement in the well-being of our neighbors. 


We reject any “one-size-fits-all” solution. To truly invest in community, young people will be empowered to mobilize their rural, red, and purple towns, not just join the nearest urban cohort. Each community requires a unique vision and strategy, and those who live in them know best how to organize them. 


The candidates we fight for don’t need law degrees or years of experience in politics. We invest in leaders who show up for our communities by rallying young people behind their campaigns.


Our people aren’t just a means to an end - they are the solution. Every person should be seen and valued as a piece of the policy solutions we’re crafting.


We seek candidates who embody integrity, by continually standing up for their communities and keeping their promises.

Bench Building for the Next Generation

We are committed to providing paid opportunities, reducing barriers to access (education, socioeconomic status), to young people interested in politics and helping them make tangible progressive change in our state.

Movement Building

Utilizing growing base of support, we will work with partners to develop comprehensive plans to provide robust resources to campaigns. We will bring young people into decision-making spaces and empower our organizers to expand the coalitions supporting visionary candidates.

Innovative Campaign

Young, working class organizers are in touch with the issues facing our generation and know how to run campaigns that unite coalitions to forward-looking policies. We know youth can win governing power by playing to our generation’s strength: digital organizing.

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